Happy New Year!

The holidays are officially behind us. I hope your “re-entry” into ordinary life has been smooth. One of my prayers for all of us has been that we would return to ordinary life changed by what we experienced during Christmas. The brightness of Christmas shines a light on all things – even ordinary life – if we have eyes to see.

With that in mind, I want to share a poem by the farmer and writer Wendell Berry. May it bless you in these days that continue to shine with the light of Christmas. Click here to read it. And keep reading to find out what’s coming up here at the church.

If you missed yesterday’s service but would like to watch or listen, you can go to Facebook or Youtube.

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Thank you for praying for our Summit team. They made it back safely on New Years Day after an eventful few days at the conference. We hope to hear more from them soon!

Coming Soon

  1. A. and M. A (names censored for security) will be joining us in worship on January 14th. A. and M. are familiar faces to us, as they have been with EFM for many years now. Join us on January 14th as we hear about what their ministry looks like most recently, and how we can support them in their efforts.
  2. Dr. Kevin Mortimer will be joining us on January 28th for a workshop called, “The Theological Underpinnings of the Quaker Distinctives.” Dr. Mortimer teaches at Barclay College, where he has taught for many years. He will present to us after the service for about an hour and a half. Lunch provided.
  3. Chandler Friends is hosting the second Junior High Bible Quiz Meet of the year on February 4th. Specific times and needs are forthcoming. Put this one on your calendar; hosting quiz is “all hands on deck!” Bible Quiz is the best thing going for Junior Highers, so make sure to come out and support or help however you can.
  4. I will begin a Sunday night book study over Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N.T. Wright in February. The study will run for eight weeks, covering some of the essential building blocks of Christian belief and practice. We will meet from 6-7pm at Todd and Debbie Brown’s house. All are welcome!